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A Partnership with United Way of San Luis Obispo County

United Way of San Luis Obispo County has received a Construction Permit

to create a 100 watt, non-profit, Low Power Radio station in the South County.

The call letters will be KYXZ-LP and will reside at 107.9 FM on the radio dial.

(That’s the very top of the "dial!")

Excellent Radio (1995-98) was among the early pioneers of the movement

to create a process by which communities could legally apply for positions

on the publicly owned airwaves.  The station was created as a model that

became an inspiration to many other communities throughout the United


In 1998 the Grover Beach City Council issued an official proclamation

recognizing Excellent Radio for broadcasting City Council meetings for

three years and providing...  
  • A forum for community members to discuss local issues”
  • A diverse cultural selection of musical entertainment”
  • Easy and convenient access to local government information”
  • Educating and entertaining members of the community”
Today through a coming together of groups like

United Way, and friends and advocates for the local

county libraries, the likelihood of successful community

strengthening is huge! The new Excellent Radio is

dedicated to fostering….
  • Cross–Generational respect
  • Cultural Literacy 
  • Recognition of the Libraries as the centerpiece of the

      community (The Commons) 
  • Mentoring through United Way’s outreach programs

      of Health, Education and Income
The creation of this station has a lot to do with the overall

strengthening and educating our community for years to come.

What better gift for our children could we give today?
The transmitter and antenna are on the Nipomo Mesa

overlooking the entire South County.

To make a donation, write a check to United Way or

use this link and in the donor designation area type in

“Five Cities Low Power FM Radio Station”.


We’d love to hear from you!


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